The Club 350 / Club 750 / Club 1000 competition is a voluntary competition (or even a way for you to track your own progress) whereby club members try to run a cumulative total of 350 kilometres (or 750, or 1000) during the course of the running year. This lasts from 1 September of any given calendar year to 31 August of the next calendar year. In this competition, 1km = 1 point. This means that you can clock up 3, 6 or 9 points during any given time trial (depending on whether you run 3, 6 or 9km), 21 points for a Half Marathon etc.

The trick is that only official time trials and official races count. Private training runs don’t count towards your total. The key is therefore to start early.

Prizes are up for grabs: large prizes at the end of the year, and smaller monthly prizes at the end of each month. A nominal fee is charged for participation, merely because the year-end prizes (beautiful branded tog bags, e.g., or tracksuits) can be quite expensive. The monthly prizes are sponsored, however.