Our running year starts on 1 September, and ends on 31 August of the following running year.

This means that our 2019 running year already starts in September 2018. This is important for the purposes of our club competitions, but your 2018 ASA licence number will still be valid until 31 January 2019.

Please find the 2018 ASA licence application form which you can submit to the club 's secretary or admin officer, together with passport photos, required for ASA's records.

Also find the club undertaking, which is a contract between you and the club (although we don't like the word "contract". A "list of requests that we'd like you to take notice of" might be more appropriate). Please sign this and submit it together with your ASA application form. This is an undertaking that you will comply with the rules of the club, and will not bring the club into disrepute, except during club braais and camping weekends, when the boundary between disrepute and epic becomes a little blurred on occasion.

Finally, please find an application form for the Club 1000 competition (or Club 750, or Club 350). This is one of our internal competitions. We record (by which we mean of course that you record) all the official kilometres that you've run during the year. This means time trials and official races, along with one or two other events like the Pancake Run. Private training runs do not count towards this competition. Prizes are awarded at the end of the year with smaller prizes up for grabs for kilometres run during any given month.

This to encourage attendance at our time trials, and also to encourage participation in road races, whether hosted by us or by one of our sister-clubs.