September Saturday club long runs:

  • 22 September

Boulders 10km & 25km

Please support this lovely, scenic, delightful race. Start is 06:00 for the 25km and 06:30 for the 10km.

Pre-entries have closed, but runners can enter on race day at the starting points.

The 10km race starts and finishes at Kaapmuiden Primary School.

The 25 km race, starts at the Mara turn-off on the N4 and finishes at the Kaapmuiden Primary School. Yes, there is a mountain between the two points, but that's part of what makes this race so scenic.

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  • 29 September

Morongwa Dlamini Race, St Peters, R40 Barberton and back

5km & 10km


Crazy Dave's run to Cape Town

Dave Busschau, known to club members as Crazy Dave, is running 1 900 km from Nelspruit to Cape Town. He spent the 20th September running between Petrusville and Phillipstown, around the 1000km mark. A long way to go, but he's getting there. The pictures below probably say it all. Check out more at the link below.

Crazy Dave's run to Cape Town